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Asia or Middle East
PowerPointPresentation Assignment Instructions
This assignment will be very similar to the ResearchPaper Assignments completed in this course. However, it is our desire that notonly do you become a great researcher, but you also become an “expert of thepresentation.” When you earn your PhD, you may find yourself in a teachingrole. In fact, maybe you will be teaching Transnational Organized Crime! Thisseries of PowerPoint presentations will be a great start in your classpreparation. In this assignment you analyze organized crime in various countriesand reduce your analysis to a PowerPoint with speaker notes. You will truly bean international criminal. The “crime” committed can be of your choosing aslong as it is illegal in the country we are studying. You will find that thisvery deep dive into the criminal justice systems of each country we study willhelp you become a world criminal justice system expert. 
These are minimum guidelines – you may expand thetopics covered in your PowerPoint – keep the quality at a doctoral level.
1)    Analyzethe nature of organized crime in the assigned area (you may narrow the scope ofyour analysis through your introduction if needed)
2)    Analyzethe impact of organized crime in the assigned area on the government
3)    Brieflypropose policies that may be helpful in mitigating organized crime in theassigned area
4)    AHoly Bible comparison/analysis of the nature of the organized crime system, theimpact on the country, or your proposed policy to mitigate the system        
Prepare a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation.  Title slide(s) and reference slide(s) do notcount toward the slide count. The vast slide count difference is becauseorganized crime in some countries is quite easy to study and organized crime insome countries have very limited information. In some instances, there will be a plethora of information and you mustuse skilled writing to maintain proper slide count. Please keep in mind thatthis is a doctoral level presentation. Your research must go beyond the meretextbook and have a minimum of 8 scholarly sources.  The Holy Bible should be used at least oncein the PowerPoint presentation.  Eachslide (of the 10 slides) must have 200 to 350 words of bulleted or paragraphspeakers notes (in speaker notes section of the slide build). The slides shouldbe professional and not cluttered with too many words.  The sources should be reflected in thespeaker notes, slides, and “reference section slide.” Additionally, you, thestudent, should use animations, transitions, and graphics to reflect PhD levelresearch.  Please review the gradingrubric when forming your presentation. Sources should reflect scholarly workbut may include .gov information is there is an author or if the informationcomes from a valid government research database (think CIA, State Department,United Nations, etc.).

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