aving come up with a new business venture and the whole reason i m here in this class to begin with

having come up with a new business venture and the whole reason I’m here in this class to begin with, I watched the TV show Shark Tank on CNBC and noticed that every few episodes contained a company that had a new condiment or a new food product that they needed help growing. I know watching a tv show isnt the best way to Identify a new market for a business but it did spark the questions on how viable the condiment market is for a business venture, so for me that is one way of how to identify a new market. in regards to evaluating the market space just required a little bit of google searching and comparing reports to show how big the market is and how much it is growing and how much of the market is taken up as it is. the condiment market is roughly a $2 billion market space that is growing every year, so this is why I figure I’d go after it, by using some condiment recipes I have gathered over the years and have modified to make my own. I set milestones based on how much I needed to make in order to keep the business alive so for example if I needed $100 to keep the business going then I would break that number down to determine how many jars of my condiment I needed to sell and can I turn a profit based on those figures if not then I would try to re-work the figures to the point in which I could turn a profit and still meet the goal I set.
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