Botswana banking

Imagine that you are a consultant with the World Bank. You are dispatched to Botswana to advise their national government on the best courses of action concerning how to spend a recently funded loan to the government. This money, in our hypothetical situation, was designated to be spent solely on the Ju/’hoansi inhabited regions of northwest Botswana. The amount is US$500,000 and as a condition of keeping the loan, the government has been advised to follow your recommendations.
How do you think funds would be best spent in this region? You do not need to provide any specific monetary allocations ($250,000 for funding X and $250,000 for funding Y), but at least indicate on what projects you would spend the money and if each constitutes most or only a small portion of the loan. Providing percentages (25% on X, 75% on Y) is fine.
Your writing should begin with an overview of your opinion and summary of data supporting it and rely on evidence from this week’s readings and any other pertinent course materials (e.g. lecture video) from this week, stated in a clear and organized manner. The writing should be approximately the equivalent of one page double-spaced with citations of our relevant sources to provide evidence for your argument.
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