Cultural Psychology- Delving into research

1. Research: Find a scholarly research article that discusses cultural sameness and/or cultural differences between your culture and another country that you believe is culturally different from your own. Briefly discuss the hypothesis, methods, and outcomes involved in the study. Was the hypothesis proven?
2. Compare: Go to Hofstede’s Compare Countries web page and compare your country of origin results with the other country you chose.

Compare countries

Click on the link, scroll down a bit, (do not purchase anything), then type the name of a country in the box and select your country from the drop down list if available. Once your country appears in the field, type another name of a country right after the first one (your own country) and select it. Compare results. By the way, you can add several countries and produce a very colorful graph with interesting results!
3. Evaluation: Drawing from Heineâ€s presentation in chapter 4 on considerations for conducting cross-cultural research, evaluate this study and clarify potential challenges you see.
My culture is American and the Culture I would like to compare with Chinese Culture
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