Current Smoking and Prognosis after Acute ST-Segment Elevation Article

INSTRUCTION:Evidence that supports a conclusion is part of the research process. Literature reviews often accompany research papers in the form of a summary and synthesis of the published information about the research topic. Although this week’s assignment is not a literature review, it is designed to familiarize you with the practice of finding appropriate sources and information on a topic.Use this RESEARCH TOPIC/QUESTION: What is the risk for a recurrent MI during the first two years in nonsmokers compared to smokers after the initial heart attack?Find three original research articles that apply to your research topic. The articles must bepeer reviewed,recent (published within 5 years), andstatistically significant.Write a 260-word summary of each article in which you identifyparticipantsvariable(s) – are there independent and dependent variables?,methods, andresults.Determine whether these articles are suitable for inclusion in a literature review for your research topic.If they are not, explain why.If they are, explain how the information can be used to inform practice.Compile all summaries in one document and provide an APA citation for each article.Include a PDF of each article with your summary document.

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