Data Collection and Software

After completing the required reading assignments. Provide a critical analysis discussion using your own professional work experience and learning from the reading. At the post graduate level you are not to provide a summary but rather provide a critical thinking assessment of the topic. You must use at least one Biblical citation, one peer-reviewed journal article citation, and one course primary topic textbook citation to inform you further on the topic.
Your initial thread is due on Wednesday of the module week and must be 500750 words with in-text citation and references. Be sure you copy and paste your text into the DB. You may attach a documents after posting text to the DB.
The following 3 sources must be included in your thread:
The course primary topic textbookAt least 1 peer-reviewed journal article1 passage of ScriptureYou must cite all sources you used in current APA format.
Textbook ReadingsAhmed (2019): Sections 12.1-12.4
Bartlett (2013): Chapter 10: Data Collection.
Bartlett (2013) Chapter 11: Data Software.
Merida (2015): Elisha: Mighty in word and deed, pp. 428-463.
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