discussion question

discussion questions
1.What would it be like to lead a low-energy lifestyle? Are people already successfully using less energy while maintaining a high quality of life? What are some of the challenges in convincing more people to embrace a low-energy lifestyle?
I feel doing business in the Middle East would a little hard for me because I don’t have any experiences of working with anyone there. Not knowing the cultural of the Middle East would make it difficult to do business with them. I never been there but I understand culturally diverse region spans from Morocco to Yemen and is made up 20 countries, each of which has its own culture background and history. With that being said the economically diverse region that encompasses the oil-rich countries of the Gulf and resource-scarce economies and Morocco, Yemen and Egypt. I feel do business with the Middle East depends greatly on what the products or services you are selling and your target market/audience.
Because businesses are purely local, it is often affected by special factors such as religious differences, cultural variables, and political relations. Doing business in foreign countries always involves some degree of risks, however, this degree of risks might differ across countries. For instance, for myself as South Korean, doing oil business in North Korea and Middle East would be different. I won’t even be able to travel to North Korea due to political reasons. Thus, in this case, it will be easier for me to do business in Middle East compare to North Korea. But if I plan to do business in Middle East, I have to deal with an uncertain, ever-changing regulatory and tax climate, as well as physical security threats, although oil business is likely to success in Middle East compare to other countries. I think there are pros and cons in doing business in the Middle East.
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