Does marijuana increase test performance?

Library Assignment Each student will choose a research question of interest from the course textbook, lecture material or course activity as part of the LibraryAssignment/APA Paper. This assignment will be dedicated to a research question that shows a relationship between x and y or what is also known as a correlation?(Example: Is there a relationship between lack of sleep and memory loss? Or Does marijuana increase test performance?). Prior to researching information on yourcorrelation, your topic must be approved by the instructor. The Title, Abstract and Reference Pages are not included in the 3-5 full body pages of the APA researchpaper. At minimum, you must properly cite in APA format 7 scholarly journal articles from GALILEO. It is critical to properly cite your references when writing in APAformat to avoid plagiarism. Please reference the 6th edition of the APA manual for guidance with writing and properly citing your references in APA format. In the bodyof your paper, each student should incorporate terms from the textbook, be as detailed as possible, demonstrate a smooth transition in your writing and maintain aresearch-based professional undertone. Students are encouraged to save an additional electronic copy of your assignments to avoid losing or damaging the final results.Your APA research paper must fully address each of these questions: 1) An Introduction of the Topic, 2) The Purpose of Writing the Topic, 3) The Findings on Your Topicas a Result of Published Studies, 4) The Area and Population Impacted most by your Research Topic, 5) What other Societal Elements Contribute to such Outcomes, 6) WhatTheorist and his or her Theoretical Perspective in Psychology Explains your topic- “link those elements to your topic” and 7) Conclusion. Turn It In Students arerequired to submit to the final draft of their typed APA Research Paper in a Microsoft Word document to Turn It In. The Turn It In link will be accessible inBlackboard. Turn It In is the leading academic plagiarism detector, utilized by teachers all around the world to help students avoid plagiarism and ensure academichonesty and integrity is maintained in all educational institutions. Important: If the final draft of your library assignment is typed and saved in another format(i.e., Word Pad or Word Perfect), this will likely affect the appearance of your paper when you submit it to the Turn It In link in Blackboard. This will also impactyour final grade for the assignment. Smarthinking Each student will be required to access his or her Smarthinking account by visiting the official website. Submissionto Smarthinking is included in the overall grade for the APA Research Paper. To access Smarthinking, log into Blackboard and under the Lessons tab, click on the APAWriting Resources folder and navigate to the Smarthinking Flyer link. Remember, students must submit a rough draft of their typed library assignment to Smarthinking.You, the student will receive feedback from a subject area expert. Students will incorporate the suggestions from the feedback into the final draft of their typedlibrary assignment. Procrastination with submissions to Smarthinking will delay a timely feedback response. Students are also required to submit their feedback fromSmarthinking to the assigned drop box as instructed in Blackboard. Smarthinking is a “free” on-line learning tutorial that provides 24-7 live on-line tutoring servicesin various subjects (i.e., Writing, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Business, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Spanish, Nursing and Allied Health, Computers andTechnology). All CPTC students are entitled to unlimited use of services for various subject areas in Smarthinking. If you experience difficulty with Smarthinking,please contact: Chad Swanson at 912-427-1606 or E-mail: The URL address for Smarthinking: AdditionalWriting Resources As an additional resource for writing in APA style, log on to and for more information. As you prepare toresearch your topic, be sure to access the APA folder in Blackboard, participate in the APA workshops on campus, explore CPTC’s electronic library (LIBGuides), andrefer to your text book and scholarly articles in GALILEO to properly cite reputable sources for your library assignment. Avoid communications such as ghost writers,on-line student papers, e-mail communications, publications, hearsay and double hearsay, Facebook, Twitter, Suite101, Encyclopedia’s and Wikipedia. These sources arenot acceptable or viewed as reputable communications simply because: 1) these communications can be altered by anyone, 2) some communications do not providerecoverable data that can be retraced and 3) such statements provide no evidence to prove the truth of what is asserted.

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