dq 1 and 2 student responses

Answer DQ 1&2 and respond to one student from each DQ.
DQ 1 is due by Wednesday morning 9am
DQ 2 is due by Friday morning 9am
(The reason these times are imperative , I work night shift , don’t have access to post while at work)
Student discussions 1&2 are due by Saturday night 9 pm.

Answer substantially. Use own sources …. exactly like all other DQ.
DQ 1
Summarize goal setting theory. How would you incorporate goal setting concepts into your workplace? What recommendations would you offer? How would you help an organization in setting goals?

DQ 2
Regarding motivation theory and goal setting, what insights do Locke and Latham provide? On what should future goal setting research focus? Why?
Locke, E. A., & Latham, G. P. (2004). What should we do about motivation theory? Six recommendations for the twenty-first century. Academy of Management Review, 29(3), 388-403. doi:10.5465/AMR.2004.13670974

I willl post student responses by wed/thurs.

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