Funeral oration by Thucydides

Read Pericles Funeral Oration Speech documented by Thucydides. You may access it online at:
Who was Pericles? What history have we studied that pertain to his situation? Who was his audience? What was his purpose in making the speech? Make sure to also let me know the historical context and significant events surrounding and affecting the written work or being affected by it. What impact do you believe it had? 
You can utilize research to complete this assignment (but it is not required; you should be able to answer the essay by utilizing the document and your textbook). You should format the assignment with an introduction (hypothesis), body, and conclusion; there should be multiple paragraphs. Spelling and grammar do apply. Please make sure to cite your research and any points you make or ideas that are not your own, even when paraphrasing- in MLA format. Failure to comply is considered plagiarism. Your submission should be in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, one-inch margins, and should consist of 2-3 pages. Make sure to include a Works Cited at the end of your paper so I may see your sources. If using a resource other than the textbook, please make sure it is a reliable academic/legitimate source (Wikipedia is not a reliable resource).
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