Course Project Part 3: The Final Project
This part of the project describes how the selected technology will be implemented in the selected organization. The Final Project must be 11-14 pages in length (excluding the cover page, table of contents, bibliography, and appendices), double spaced, using Times New Roman font, 12-point, using 1 inch margins, and headings for the paper format requirements.
The Final Project should consist of the following.
Cover pageTable of contentsExecutive summaryOne to one and a half pagesSummarize the key points of the Final Project. Make sure you point out how proposed technology solution supports business innovation.IntroductionHalf to one pageExplain the purpose of this report.Provide an overview of the contents of the report; for example, identify sections.Project Plan (TCOs E and G)One and half to two and a half pagesThe organization would need to create a project to facilitate the identification of needs and solution and implementation of the solution. Here, address the following issues regarding such a project for the technology you are proposing. (TCO E)Identify how many people would be on the project team to carry out the project. Briefly list each participant (e.g., project manager, network administrator, etc.) and the role of each.Identify and discuss four to six key skills that would be needed by the project manager.Identify three to four possible reasons why this project could fail.Explain any planned work that might be outsourced (if any)A project to implement a technology makes use of some type of system development methodology. Identify a system development methodology, and (e.g., waterfall, prototyping, agile, iterative, etc.) explain how you would use it for this project. Explain why you selected this methodology over others. (TCO G)Organizational backgroundHalf pageGive an overview of the company and its history.Business problems or opportunities overviewHalf pageThis project is being done to find a technology solution to solve a business problem or to take advantage of an opportunity. Here, explain the problem or opportunity.Overview of technology solution category (TCO A)One and a half to two and a half pagesGive a brief overview of the technology solution category, which you discussed in the research paper (PROJECT PART 2).Explain why this is an appropriate solution for the problem/opportunity identified.Explain how this technology enables business innovation.Summarize how the organization can demonstrate CSR with the implementation of this technology.Alternative solutions and recommendations (TCO D)Four to five pagesDo one of the following.If the technology category discussed in the section above can be provided by multiple vendors/companies, do the following.Select two specific products/vendors.Research and present a description and analysis of each of the products/vendors selected.Compare the selected products/vendors, pointing out similarities and differences.Recommend one of the products/vendors, and explain why it was better than the other alternative.If the technology discussed in the section above is provided by only one vendor/company only (i.e., there are not multiple products/vendors), do the following.Research and present a description of the vendor/product that provides this technology.Select one other technology category that could have possibly been used as an alternative to the selected technology category.Research and present a description and analysis of the alternative technology category.Compare the alternative technology category with the selected technology category, pointing out similarities and differences.Explain why the selected technology category was a better choice than the alternative.Performance measurement plan (TCO B)Three fourths to one and a half pagesOnce the solution is implemented, we must be able to measure how successful the solution is in solving the problem or taking advantage of an opportunity. This measurement is generally done over a period of time. Here, you will layout a plan that outlines how you will measure the success of the solution.Explain how data will be gathered to measure success of the solution.Explain metrics you will use as key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success and why you selected these metrics.Organizational impact (TCO C and F)One and a half to two pagesExplain how implementation of this solution will impact business processes. Explain the changes that will take place. (TCO F)Explain how implementation of this solution will impact the organization in other ways (Will it require changes to organizational structure, personnel, etc.? Will the organization need to make changes in other areas to integrate this solution?) (TCO F)Explain how the solution will improve or support decision making in the organization. (TCO C)If your solution did not deal with a data-based system (such as enterprise system, big data, database system, business intelligence, data analytics, web analytics, data-driven website, etc.), explain how one such system could be used to improve or support decision making in the organization.SummaryHalf to one pageSummarize the main findings and future steps.BibliographyAppendices (optional)You must use at least three authoritative resources. Credible reference sources are available through the DeVry Library. But you don’t have to limit yourself to this library. Please do not use Wikipedia.The written document for this assignment should follow the APA style of citing references in the text and on the bibliography page.Ensure correct spelling and grammar (use built-in tool with MS Word).
**Please see attachments for previous parts**
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