GOOGLESCHOLAR: CRJ assignment 4 – The Nursing TermPaper

Directions: Watch the following United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) video that describes a public information campaign in Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake:  Answer the following questions.

What are the benefits a program like this may have over a traditional government program?

What are the risks of a program like this?

What aspects of the communication protocols and systems that have been established in the United States would be effective in a Haiti-like response?  Explain.

Which aspects would not be practical or effective?  Explain.

How does the UNICEF communication plan presented in the video align with the five critical assumptions for a successful communication strategy outlined in your text?  Explain your answer.

Directions: Based on your review of the DHS “National Emergency Communications Plan” (see link at the end of the Lecture Notes) write a summary report on its main points.  Please ensure that your report is at least 1.5 pages in length, using 12-point font and double spacing.  Be sure to cite any sources you use.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center for concise guidelines on APA format.

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