hse 480 8 1 final project submission capstone components 1 2 and 3 assignment

The 1st three milestones listed are the assignments that I asked you about re-doing. They were done but the guy who did it messed up 3-2 milestone which affected the rest of them up to milestone 4. The professor won’t grade the remainder until 3-2 is correct. If you want what was completed let me know and I’ll send it as I’ve already attached them in the previous assignment when I asked you. All of these assignments are leading up to the final 8-1 listed below.
3-2 Milestone Two: Draft of Methodology Assignment
Submit Milestone Two, a draft of your methodology section, addressing critical elements from Section II of Capstone Component 1.
4-2 Milestone Three: Draft of Literature Review and Needs Analysis Assignment
Submit Milestone Three, a draft of the literature review and needs analysis, addressing all critical elements from Section III and IV of Capstone Component 1.
5-2 Milestone Four: Draft of first three sections of Component 2 Assignment
Submit Milestone Four, a draft of the first three sections of Component 2: Statement of Need, Program Proposal Description and Goals and Objectives, addressing all critical elements from Sections I, II and III of Capstone Component 2.
6-1 Milestone Five: Draft of remaining sections of Component 2 Assignment (YOU DID THIS ONE FOR ME)
Submit Milestone Five, a draft the remaining sections of Component 2 (Method/Intervention, Staffing/Administration/Resource Needs, Program Evaluation Plan and Guidelines for Program Implementation and Stakeholder Communication Tool), addressing all critical elements from section VI of Capstone Component 2.
8-1 Final Project Submission: Capstone Components 1, 2, and 3 Assignment

Components 1 and 2 of your capstone project should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of Components 1 and 2 as noted in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course.
Components 1 and 2 should follow the outline below:

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Community Needs Assessment (Capstone Component 1)
Human Services Program Proposal (Capstone Component 2)

For Component 3, you must write a reflective essay on the capstone and your experience in the Human Services program as a whole. Your reflective paper may include the following:

Overall, what was your capstone experience like?
Reflect on the significance of the capstone in relation to your own experience at SNHU.
What connections do you see between your capstone and your academic program?
What ethical dilemmas or issues came up for you during your education as well as in the completion of the capstone?

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