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Human Resources Question – Apple Inc.: Managing a Global Supply ChainAs Jessica Grant was analyzing Apple Inc. for her employer, BXE, one of the things that came to light for her is that, in spite of Apple’s successes, it seemed as if the corporation was lacking in the area of formal Performance Management systems. With suggestions of Apple’s product lines becoming more complex over the next few years, it was Jessica’s belief that the corporation would be strengthened with the introduction of some type of a more formal and integrated Performance Management system. Upon discussing this with her superiors, a suggestion is made for her to map out the framework for a new Performance Management system that could be pitched to Apple.Please develop a new Performance Management and Rewards system for Apple. Given what you know about Apple as presented in the case, proceed to develop the framework for this, ensuring you clearly detail the rationale for your directions in your overview. While the intricate details of the plan are not sought here, please consider it from the development through to implementation to ensure its success. One feature to consider is the scalability of this system, so it might have the potential to be shared within Apple’s global supply chain partners, and whether there would be value in that?Answer Formatting Guidelines:• For this response, you should start with a paragraph on the extent of the issues, then build into your framework. For this report, you may use directed point form (i.e., more than just one word bullet points, rather your bullet point with extra words to explain it), as you might present as a high level executive summary to the company president and board. Don’t spend time just repeating case facts, assume your audience is aware of these.• You have 1000 words (plus the usual 5% overage) to answer this one part question.
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