International management :(discussion) | Management homework help

Question 1:  Why is the Human Resource Management role so much more complex, and important, in the international environment?  Use the textbook readings to support your answers.
Question 2:  If you took an assignment overseas, what specific requests would you make from IHRM prior to accepting the position?  Meaning, what are your personal priorities and what do you need to make a smooth transition overseas?

The post should a) answer the question(s) posed by the instructor and b) critically analyze, to the best of your ability, the implications of the subject matter at hand. I expect that these posts will be at least 2 paragraphs in length and be written in a relatively formal academic style taking grammar and spelling into consideration.  Please ensure that you provide the page(s) from the  text where you drew your answers.
For example: Customers expect organizations to be responsive to their needs (p. 9).
Please read and write a Substantive Reply to at least two (2) other student posts.
Must use the textbook attachments

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