literary analysis essay 22

Write an analysis to interpret literature
Purpose:To apply critical thinking and analysis in your writing
**Make sure to reach the word/page limit for each peer revision to earn full credit**
Requirements: 750-1,000 wds, a double-spaced typed page, and only
your analysis! No outside research. Make sure to add a creative title. This is your work so please make it stand out!
Read Haruki Murakami’s “Sleep”(the link below is short story “sleep please let me know if you can not open it )…

Here are some questions to consider:
1. What is your thesis—the main idea of the essay?
2. What does the language of the text symbolize or suggest?
-Focus on the story and the character—not the author.
-Focus on metaphor, analogy, symbolism
3. What are some underlying themes (message) of the story?
-Focus on the importance of the story and its meaning
Do not say The author says that… or The author is trying to say that…
Do say The story suggests that… or The character’s situation reflects…”
4 . You can focus on theme, character, metaphor, language, symbolism, the ending, etc
typed and printed
placed onto a Microsoft Word document
Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
1 inch margins
indented paragraphs
creative title centered in the middle with regular font
MLA citation
page numbers
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