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1.Many of the difference in US and European jurisdiction comes from their history. Both regions apply different emissions standards in respect of both local air quality pollutants, and greenhouse gas
emissions, and so on. One of the key differences is that the US, having it history of implementing fuel economy, applies its emission standards to petrol and diesel vehicles, while the EU applies to diesel vehicles. Also, the US utilized market-based mechanisms such as emission charges and taxes, while the European countries applied programs base on relatively high rates. However, in both Europe and the US, their economic valuation has been more emphasized that the costs of a number of air quality controls.
2.Both civil and commercial cases between parties that are domiciled in two or more countries within the European Union (EU) should be determined by the EU Council Regulation No. 44/2001. In this case, the general rule is that the case is to be determined by the domicile of the defendant. In terms of information and data, the largest variation is seen between the United States and the European Union (Schaffer, Agusti, Dhoodge, & Earle, 2015). The differences are attributed to the difference in culture and history between the two regions. For example, Europeans are strong or keen on protecting their personal information especially against individuals who want to use the information to gain. Additionally, privacy is very integral in the European Union although the laws vary from one country to the other. For example, the United Kingdom has less strict laws as compared to Germany.
3.Under CISG, the contract doesnâ€t have to be in a form of writing. The contracts are allowed to be proved by any means such as witness testimony, and it only applies to international sales. On the other hand, the US Law applies strict regulations and requirements with the interpretation of the extensive case law. The similarities between US law and CISG arethat both laws emphasize the obligation of sellersto provide goods that fit their usual purpose, and allows them to get the money back if the good is defective. A party engaged in these contracts should perform its obligations no matter how burdensome the performance become, and if not, they should either adapt or end the contract.
4.In the USA, the concept of freedom at times applies to more activities rather than just protecting personal data when freedom of information is mentioned. Furthermore, in the United States of America, people take more legal action as compared to Europe because in some cases, those in Europe form part of the losing party in the law suit thus they are required to pay for the expenses of the legal suit.
Additionally, there are some similarities in terms of data and information. In both regions, people try to protect their information and ensure that nobody steals their personal information. In the ca
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