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Learning Resources
Required Resources

Web Article: “Diamond in the Rough”

Web Article: “The Syndrome Mix”  

Web Blog: “The Language of Autism”
Note: Reread the Web blog and watch the video again.

Video: “Twice Exceptional”In the videos section, use the blue scroll bar to find the video titled “Twice Exceptional.” Roll your mouse over the video and click on the play button.

Optional Resources

Web Article: “Gifted and LD”

Web Article: “Uniquely Gifted: Resources for Gifted Children with Special Needs”

Web Article: “The 2e Dilemma: Understanding and Educating the Twice Exceptional Child”

Web Article: “Gifted Children with Learning Disabilities: Lost Treasures”
Assignment: Supporting Children who are “Twice Exceptional” and Beyond

After you have read the articles and watched “Language of Autism” again, reflect on the following questions:

How does understanding children who are “twice exceptional” deepen your understanding of comorbid conditions?
What are the implications of understanding comorbid conditions in general, and children who are “twice exceptional” specifically, for supporting children’s individuality?

Submit a summary of your thinking by articulating:

A general statement describing “twice exceptional,” using examples to explain how your understanding of this term has influenced understanding challenges to supporting children’s individuality
An explanation of how understanding comorbid conditions can support children’s individuality, and how this understanding is relevant to professionals in the field of child development

Note: Use examples from the readings to support your thinking and illustrate the ways that your understanding has expanded and/or deepened. Be sure to cite your sources.

Assignment length: 2 pages

Submit this assignment by Day 7 of Week 9.at_is_Gifted/2echildren.htm



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