migration patterns of china

Migration Patterns Assignment
Format: MLA
1. Take a look at this https://www.iom.int/world-migration, click the tabs on top to check and examine the map of 2017 World Migration Stock, 2017 World Migration Stock v.2, 1990-2017 World Migration, and Largest Migration Corridors;
2. Select 2017 World Migration Stock v.2;
3. Choose a country of your interest: China
4. Answer the following questions, about the country of your choice:
1. What role does this country (China) play in global and local migration flows today?
2. Does the interactive map reflect all of the current migration flows for China?

In order to answer this question:

While working with the map, you can see migration flows, both coming and going, by clicking on states. What patterns can you observe? Where are the people either coming from, or going to, with respect to this place?
Identify two or three news articles from the past five years that explain the implications of these migration patterns on China. What type(s) of migration is most relevant to China? Why? What sorts of impacts does it appear to have?

Ground your answers in some concrete, cited, facts and figures, and recent reputable news articles that you might be able to use in your country essay. Make sure to use language we developed to talk about different kinds of migration (internal vs. external, forced vs. voluntary, push/pull factors, etc.).
Note: the map may not work (well) in Internet Explorer; if you find that, use Chrome, Firefox or Safari instead (probably a good general suggestion anyway).
Q. 1. Arrival & Departure migration flows — Question 1 answer is complete. Arrivals and departures are described properly
Q.2. Does the map reflect current migrtion flows for the selected country? — There is a statement about current migration flows for a selected country.
Be specific and academic.
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