module 4 energy 1 |

I have 4 homework, So can you help me? I need 4 slides shorty
Day 27: What is Energy? (Describing motions, conservation, what is it, transferability):
Day 28: Types of energy? (Forces & Energy, different energies, solar energy, units);
Day 29: Energy in Living Systems (The sun & plants, stored energy, humans & plants, dar

Day 30: Energy Transformation (heat &living things, heat transfer, units of heat, temperature & heat);
Day 31: Thermodynamics (1

lawof thermodynamics, 2

lawof thermod
ynamics, temperature & energy, equations

Day 32: Review of thermodynamics in living systems (Gibbâ€s Free energy, Hessâ€s Law, Energy for living systems, Examples);

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