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Write a 500-1000 word paper, adhering to APA format on the following topic, using at least five references synthesized into your discussion:

What evidence is available on the effectiveness of using simulation in support of learning? Summarize a current evidenced-based article that addresses some aspect of simulation in nursing education.
As uses of distance education technologies increase in nursing education, there are likely to be intended and unintended consequences. Describe and provide justification for three research questions that you would like to see answered regarding technology based teaching strategies and/or distance education.
Imagine that you were asked to prepare an online teaching session on a topic of your choice. How would you deliver the didactic content? What types of interactive activities would you plan to promote student learning? How would you ensure that students remain engaged? How would you evaluate their participation?
Using the theoretical underpinnings discussed in Utley and other references, describe the functions and responsibilities of an educator as a member of the nursing profession and/or society to pursue continuous quality improvement as a nurse educator.

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