ol 675 9 3 final project milestone two submit organizational analysis and design plan

OL 675: Organizational Analysis & Design Plan
The final project for this course is the creation of an organizational analysis and design plan for an organizational concern or behavioral challenge that is critical to you or your organization. Assume that you are the person in charge—the one with the power to make the changes or making the presentation to the executive board. This is the core purpose of this entire course. Place the amount of effort you feel necessary that can truly make an impact in your organization. Based on the knowledge obtained in this course and previous course work, you examine what are the new contexts you can create to inspire changes. Make sure to include topics discussed throughout this course.
Main Elements
Your final paper will have these main elements:  Title page with the company name, student’s name, course name and number, instructor’s name and date. 
Abstract 
1. Background: company profile and history of the related issue
2. Identification of the ethical dilemma: highlight key points of the case including challenges and dilemmas
o Define the organizational context from a management perspective
o Define the organizational context from a leadership perspective 
Analysis: discuss the problems and leader’s/company’s strategy 
Recommendation: offer alternative solutions via plan of action (include your role moving forward)
o Action plan with respective theories in ethics and leadership 
Action that needs to be taken (make sure these are tangible actions, and not pure theory) and their ethical considerations. See if you can get your management to help with implementation. 
Action Plan (also provide a timeline—there can be some long term items; must have short term tasks within the next 30 days) including resources required. 
Measurements (how will you return on investment, return on people, organizational health such as retention and absenteeism) 
Repeat this as needed for each recommendation 
Reference page: Minimum of three scholarly resources from the library and from within the last ten years 
Appendix: Interview notes, if any
Requirements of submission: Written components of projects must follow these formatting guidelines when applicable: 8–10 pages, double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations.

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