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Perspectives On Capital Perspectives On Capital: Essay 2 Length: 1,500 SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 12:00 noon, March 21st, 2016 Submit online through the VLE If you were to start a business today, what resources do you have at your disposal to do so? Reflect on the forms of capital you have access to personally. In which ways are you capital-rich (“wealthy”) and in which ways are you capital-poor (“disadvantaged”)? Compare and contrast your condition with an entrepreneur of your choice as they began their business. What advantages did they have and what disadvantages did they have to overcome? Here are some examples of entrepreneurs you may wish to use to compare / contrast: Oprah Winfrey Andrew Carnegie Anita Roddick Richard Branson Cher Wang Bill Gates Vivienne Westwood Barry Gordy Jr. Whether you chose from this list or not, you should introduce your chosen entrepreneur and make sure your reader understands why you have chosen a particular entrepreneur. Please use the course readings to support your answer, along with outside research about the entrepreneur you choose. Make sure to reference your work and include a Harvard-style bibliography.
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