Phase 5 IP Chemical Dependency Elective – Special Topics

4 to 5 pages
APA / less than 25% OV score with turn it in
You have learned many of the basic elements of a chemical dependency center in today’s world. Now it is time to write a report that will be used in a final proposal for a new treatment center. Consider what you have already learned, and continue your research about addiction and recovery theories, services, and continuum of care to design the most effective treatment center possible. Based on current issues that you have learned about, consider the changes you believe could be made to improve this evolving system.
Start with some of the following questions:What do you think the future best practices might look like?How might you care for the professionals in a field while they are caring for their clients?What kind of professional development will the staff need to make this center a success? How might this improve services to those in need?
Given what you know and what your group discovered and discussed about modern treatment facilities, use your imagination to come up with a futuristic model of an addiction and recovery services center. Be sure to address the following information in a proposal of 4–5 pages:
ObjectiveType of facilityNeed for the facilityPurpose of the facilityCurrent issues or challenges the facility is designed to addressMission statement of the facilityPhilosophy or theories practiced within the facility
LogisticsPopulations to be served by the facilityTreatments used in the facilityPhysical appearance of the facilityType of staffProfessional development that will be available to staffAdditional important details
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