phil 110 essay a or b

Write a 3-5 page, double spaced essay addressing one of the following topics:
Essay Choice A
1) Briefly describe the scene in Plato’s Apology.
2) What are the charges against Socrates?(Hint: there are 2)
3) How does Socrates defend himself against the charges? In other words, how does he explain or defend himself?
4) Do you think Socrates was successful in proving his innocence? Why or why not?
Essay Choice B
1) Describe Descartes†project of doubt. Why is he embarking on these meditations?
2) Describe the arguments he uses to show why we cannot trust our knowledge.
3) Next, explain the point he is trying to make with the example of the wax.
4) Finally, what is the one indubitable truth that he discovers as a result of this process?
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