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Using information reported in your Student Self-Assessment: Identify and discuss your own presuppositions: the primary presuppositions that function as you approach the counseling encounter and the issue of substance abuse. In other words, what do you take for granted? What are the fundamental assumptions/perspectives regarding substance abuse that you accept as given and true and unnecessary to prove? What beliefs and biases do you bring to the counseling encounter and the issue of substance abuse?  How does this related to ethics as outlined by NASW’s Code of Ethics and NAADAC’s Code of Ethics? How do you plant to overcome any known or unknown biases and issues with competency? (4-5 pages) (students should have 4-5 academic references to support paper)APA Format4-5 Pages4-5 Academic referencesStudent Self Assessment has been completed and is attached.Questions in bold should be answered and addressed within paper
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