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i have another paper please take a look and tell me if you will be able to coDecember 24, 2020For this assignment, please use the attached file to assist yourself. Conduct 3 different process recordings, (similar to, but not identical to the attached example: each should be conducted with different dialog) with an imaginary patient. (use initials.. for example M.J) Each process recording should be 10-15 pages. Use 6 different communication techniques for the dialog of each of the process recordings (ex: ). The six different communication techniques are 1. Introduction, 2. Silence 3. Exploring 4. Open-ended question 5. Reflection 6. Communication.button {background-color: #4CAF50;border: none;color: white;padding: 10px 20px;text-align: center;text-decoration: none;display: inline-block;font-size: 16px;margin: 4px 2px;cursor: pointer;border-radius: 10px;}.awasam-alert {color: red;}
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