Reply to Letters on Religious Meta-analysis

Attached are 2 letters that need to be replied back to based from my last posted assignment.
Imagine you are also a counselor in the same clinic and your “coworker” has sent you the email for peer review before sending it on to the supervisor. In this role of a supportive peer, address the following areas in a reply email:
1. Do you have anything to add to their ideas about why the meta-analysis is important, or any constructive criticism regarding their study design ideas?
2. Share your thoughts on how their proposed study could further the body of research on Christian counseling. One way to do this is to relate their idea back to some of the topics discussed in the Introduction and/or Discussion section of the meta-analysis. Another idea is to bring in material from other sources or your personal experience in counseling, pastoral, or human services settings.
Important Considerations:
1. Because you are taking on a role and writing letters, this discussion board prompt leaves no room for comments such as the following, which will result in loss of points:
a) “Great job on your discussion post,”
b) “I totally agree with everything you said,”
c) “Good luck in the rest of the class,” etc.
2. The word count may not include text from this prompt or direct quotes from classmates’ posts. If you include this type of material, make sure that you have enough words to reach the minimum word count without it.
Your 2 replies to the two letters must be 150 words each minimum and in APA format.
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