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2 page paper needed no plagiarismDecember 24, 2020the piece of art is michelangelo, davidThe goal of these assignments is to respond to a piece we have encountered so far in class through a close reading of that piece (be it an artwork, a poem, or what have you). Each student must write a paper of no more than 4 pages (12 pt., Times New Roman, double-spaced, don’t mess with the margins: I know that trick). The paper should be written for an academic audience, with proper citations and style. Each paper should include the following:A description of the historical circumstances of the piece chosen.A brief analysis of the work according to its genre (artwork should be analyzed in terms of style and theme, philosophy by argument, etc.). You must also state what you think the goal or meaning of the piece, making sure to cite various aspects of the piece (a particular part of the painting or some piece of the story, etc) which supports your interpretation.Your own personal response to the work. This response should have two parts:This first part of the response should take a stand with regard to the work. If it is a piece of philosophy: do you agree with the argument? If so why, if not, why not? If it is a painting: Do you like the painting? Why or why not? What does the painting mean? And so on for other sorts of cultural productions.The second part of the response should compare the work to another. This other work can be from any period or place we have studied other than the previously chosen piece. The comparison should illuminate your response from (a) by showing how a similar theme, or style, or argument occurred in a different time and place, and how that makes it different from the previously chosen piece..button {background-color: #4CAF50;border: none;color: white;padding: 10px 20px;text-align: center;text-decoration: none;display: inline-block;font-size: 16px;margin: 4px 2px;cursor: pointer;border-radius: 10px;}
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