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Imagine you are tasked with decorating a five-year-old child’s bedroom. This includes everything – paint colors, textures, shelves, toys, wall hangings, pictures, lights, furniture, etc. How do you want the child to feel when they enter the room? When they “live” in the room? Maybe you even have a theme in mind! In planning the room, think about this week’s materials regarding gender. Would you choose to decorate the room for a girl, a boy, or perhaps a transgender child and why? What information would you want to know from 1) the parent(s) and 2) the child in order to decorate the room? In your post, describe in detail not only how you would decorate the child’s room, but also WHY would you decorate the room as you choose. What is the significance of your decorating choices, especially in terms of the child’s gender identity?

2. As our course materials for this week illustrate, transgender individuals have more visibility than ever before. We also have the term “cisgender” to refer to those who are not transgender. Some people suggest we as a society do not need a specific word to describe those who identify with their biological sex (cisgender) as this is regarded as the “normal” way to be. However, others suggest that because the transgender community is growing in both visibility and numbers, we need to have a way to identify non-trans people. What do you think? Should people identify their gender identity as “cisgender” if they are not transgender in their everyday lives? This means that every time someone fills out a form, is asked about gender, or needs to articulate their gender in some way, they should use the term “cisgender” in their response. Or, is it enough for transgender people to identify themselves while everyone else is assumed to be cisgender. When crafting your argument, use TWO concepts from the book in your response. Please BOLD/UNDERLINE the terms when you use them in your response.
3. Some sociologists say that the ways we meet potential mates (whether they be casual, serious, or long-term) have changed considerably because of technology and especially the internet. Further, it seems like a “healthy” intimate relationship is harder and harder to come by. First, what do you think is the best way to meet a potential mate these days? What are the advantages to meeting a mate the way you suggest, and what do you think the connection is between the way potential mates meet and the likelihood they will have a “healthy” intimate relationship? Finally, what do you consider to be a “healthy” intimate relationship, and what should the individuals do in their relationship to make it “successful?”
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