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  Create a PowerPoint presentation to go with the technical report you are currently working on.  You will present your report using the PowerPoint in class later or by a recorded video (online class only). 
General guidelines for Power Point Presentation
Do not copy sentences and/or a paragraph from your report and insert it into a slide.
Each slide should have a limited number of lines of text and these should be a main point or points from the report.  The size of the text should be readable from the back of a large classroom
You can use images on a slide.  The image should be viewable from the back of a large classroom
You can use the same template or background on every slide
Do not have a white background on any slide
Use a simple transition from one slide to the next
Limit the number of (or use no) transitions to display successive lines on a slide
Look at the following information to help you with this assignment.
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