TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス Belly Pan、Race RC250 RC390 TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス Belly Pan、Race RC250 RC390:ウェビック 店 [LuZ5gqA]

■商品概要素材:GRPカップスタイル■詳細説明This lightweight belly pan is modelled on the KTM RC390 Cup shape、 but being made from high quality epoxy resin、 it is stronger and more flexible so more likely to survive in the event of a crash.It is reinforced with carbon/Kevlar at the mounting points and is primed and ready to accept paint.This product is supplied with all mounting hardware (including the left rear stay which is not supplied with the KTM product) so you can install this with stock footpegs or any other aftermarket make such as TYGA Performance.it is also supplied with a rubber bung to make the belly pan fluid retentive.■注意点※This product fits the 250 and 390 only. For the 125 and 200 models、 we don’t have information on if it will fit or not.※Please also note that this lower cowling is designed to fit the 2016-2019 model with the revised engine ignition cover.※メーカー都合により商品の仕様変更がある場合がございます。ご了承ください。 ※画像はイメージです。■適合車種RC250 16-20 RC390 16-20 ■商品番号BPFL-7331